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The Qur'an is the life guide for Muslims. In the last ten years, the development of the digital
Qur'an has been so rapid. From information obtained in 2019 from Lajnah Pentashih Mushaf
Quran (LPMQ) of the Ministry of Religion Affair of the Republic of Indonesia, there 250
digital Qurans were found in cyberspace. While the number that has just been validated for
authenticity by LPMQ is only 10 pieces. On the other hand, the awareness of education
practitioners to choose a digital Qur'an that has been validated for authenticity is still low. A
survey was conducted on June 2021 for 71 respondents consisting of elementary school
teachers, secondary school teachers, lecturers of higher education, teachers of the Tahfidz
Quran Institute, and academic staff in the city of Padang Panjang, West Sumatera, Indonesia.
The results show that 66.9% of respondents have never checked whether the digital Quran they
use has been validated for authenticity. And 15.5% of the responses didn't even think about it
at all. When asked if they know that the digital Qur'an they use on their
smartphone/android/tablet has been validated for authenticity, 83.1% answered they don't
know. This study analyzes the 10 Best Digital Quran Applications released by
on 26 May 2021. These digital Quran applications can be downloaded on the Google play store.
The top order of the application, namely Quran for Android, was used by 35.3% of the
respondents. Where the cryptography used as a security system is still using SHA1. Of course,
this is an old version that has proven easy for hackers to attack. Although this is a simple study,
the implications for future Islamic education are quite large. The researcher suggests that there
is an immediate collaboration between the Lajnah Pentashih Mushaf Quran (LPMQ) of the
Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia and the Indonesian Ulema Council to
anticipate this problem. Namely: immediately completing the validation of the authenticity of
the Digital Qur'an in circulation and providing education to the public in choosing the digital
Qur'an and its correct use.
Keyword: Educators Awareness, Authenticity, Digital Quran, Cryptography




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