The first Diniyyah Journal was published in January 2014 for its first edition. This journal was initiated by the head of STIT Diniyyah Puteri Rahmah El-Yunusiyyah Diniyyah Puteri Padang Panjang, Mrs. Syarifatul Biologi, Lc, MA who was given moral and material support by the Leader of the Diniyyah Puteri Padang Panjang College. Where the first editor-in-chief was Yendri Junaidi, Lc.MA with the technical implementation carried out by the DRC (Diniyyah Research Center).
This journal began to accommodate aspirations, ideas and ideas from thought experts, commentary studies, hadith, contemporary problems and insights, all of which lead to one discourse, namely education. However, in its journey the Diniyyah journal gradually reduced its scope by becoming an Islamic Religious Education.
For this reason, Diniyyah journal develops itself into a journal that can be accessed easily either via computer, laptop or mobile phone. So in 2021 the Diniyyah journal headed by Dr.juliwis Kardi, MA moved to become an open journal system. Technical work was also delegated to DRC which is now at DRC LP2M STIT Diniiyah Puteri Padang Panjang. It is hoped that the change of this journal from printed to online will make Diniiyah's journal more well developed. It is hoped that this journal will make it easier for writers to publish their scientific articles in the right places. The Diniyyah Journal, which has been published 14 times, is expected to be an effective medium in accommodating aspirations in scientific writing.